From November 22nd (Sat) to 23rd (Sun) 2014, SUPER VISION™ was held in Tokyo. It was a collaborative project of music and video installation works by the world-renowned musician, Terry Riley and film maker / contemporary artist, Eugene Kangawa. SUPER VISION™ refers to the group of video projects created by Eugene Kangawa from 2011. This collaborative work was made possible by the two artists’ mutual sympathy towards two video art works from SUPER VISION™,“from the future” and “After the War.

The gentle, yet intricately flowing music and the video works, which fused parallelized fragments of landscapes and historical references, established space that transcended the realm of time and place. This work between the artists from different generations gained much attention. Terry Riley is an internationally recognized figure in music history and his significance is especially acknowledged in the field of contemporary music. Eugene Kangawa is a young film maker, a contemporary artist born in 1989. In addition to creating beautiful works through complex processes, he participates in projects such as urban planning and proprietary research, which has given him much attention in recent years as an artist working outside the framework of a common artist.

This website is an archive of various information concerning this collaborative project including the artists’ interviews held after the project and the discussion between the two artists toward realizing this project. (We would like to thank the artists who have kindly provided the music and video works and cooperated with the interviews, and everyone who have supported us to make this happen. Information regarding Blue-ray sales and other upcoming plans will also be posted on this website.)

12.2014 SUPER VISION Project Committee


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